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September/October Newsletter

Posted on September 5, 2013 at 11:35 AM

We are glad you're back for another year and are changing things up a bit. We hope to reach more people like you through the use of technology and provide all the information our cadets need to succeed here where it can be accessed from almost anywhere including mobile phones. We also aim to support our school beliefs and culture through what we do and enable our students to be better leaders and team members with skills that will assist them in college or their future careers. 


This year is also important because we have the Formal Inspection sometime around March which earns us the gold star that is awarded to distinguished Battalions throughout the nation. Relatively speaking, we're a small Battalion but have been able to go for the gold every time and know that this year we'll earn the gold star again, and an even better score! It's once of the things that makes us unique, and fear not, students;you'll be well-prepared ahead of time and it's not as scary as it sounds. 

The Snack Shack is still open at lunch for JROTC cadets only! Hot pockets, soups, burritos, and other small items may be purchased for reasonable prices as well as 24 oz. water bottles which are available at anytime for only a dollar! Since our school policy has changed, please be mindful of messes and eat only where you're supposed to. We would hate to have this privilege taken away as the money we receive from these sales goes directly to helping our teams! We'll be having another one of Chief's awesome pancake breakfasts in the future as well, so we'll keep you posted!

Summer Camp 2013

This Summer many students were able to attend a special JROTC Summer Camp that offered a unique experience outside of the classroom. Our beloved Cadet and Brigade Staff member, Alma Martinez, wrote about her experience at the camp which was unfortunately cut short due to the raging wildfires that got dangerously close to the camp site. 

"Starting from the beginning, we all arrived to the scouts camp, we got our tents assigned, got directed to where the restrooms were, learned the rules of the camp, the time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and cadets were assigned to a company; Alpha or Bravo. The first day everybody was excited to be on camp with their cool ACU's on them. Second day, the commanders and their staff were assigned to each company; I was the Bravo commander. When we got the squad leaders and the platoon leaders, all the rest were put in to their squads. Our instructor was the First Sergeant from North High. On that day, we were tutored on where everything was, from rappelling, compass guidance, canoeing, and most of the activities we would be doing throughout the week. 

On the third day, we had breakfast from 0700 to 0730 then came to our companies and we marched towards where the obstacle course was going to take place. They had is in groups; our groups were 4 of each squad. After we did the course, we marched over to get lunch and eat our RMEs. We all rested for about an hour and after we went to do the cadet challenge which is like figuring out a way to get an injured person away from a target point. The next thing we had to do was be able to cross a "land with bombs" and tresspass it without breaking a "bomb." After we did that we had to cross a big can which had "medicine" and "food" in it. 

On the fourth day we did our morning routine, but this time we went canoeing! All of the cadets were excited because we have all wanted to get on the canoe and just refresh ourselves. After the canoeing, we did Compass Guidance where we were taught how to use a compass, the measurements, and the targets we could identify if we were to give directions. At the end of this, we had dinner and they reported that there was an evacuation where we were. We all panicked and gathered all of our things from the tents. We were grouped by schools. TJ was right next to Montbello, we ate our RMEs and were waiting to be evacuated. This was a great experience because of all the things that happened at once and we all tried to be calm and get out of there safe."

Varsity Rifle

 "Saturday, September 21, 2013, the TJ Varsity rifle team shot against the North High Varsity team. It was a really good competition. Both teams shot very well, but the TJ team won 957-773. Adrian Molinar helped get the high score. Congratulations guys for a job well done."-Sofia Vdovich

 To put it in simple terms: our rifle team rocks! Our scores have been released: we've very impressed with our progress this year and our rifle team's score of 1020 points during week three of competition! Adrian Molinar, Victoria Vdovich, and Koene Gonzales are our highest scorers. 



Are you a college-bound senior? Feel free to talk to us about the many ROTC scholarships available for college! Just ask Major Campbell or myself, Kelsey Schmidt, and we can provide any information that you need. These are highly competitive so the earlier you apply, the better!

Homecoming 2013

Have you seen the new video on the home page? Our school homecoming even attracted the interests of local news stations! Even though we lost the game, we had a blast at homecoming and we even set up some decorations on the range to celebrate and show some Spartan Pride


What really is JROTC?

You may remember writing about JROTC with the notion that some of the best will be entered in a contest with the hopes that you could make the generals and other tough army guys get teary-eyed and proud. Our cadet Xavier Texidor wrote something that we are all proud of and wanted to share with the community as it truly represents who we are and what you do. Thanks, Xavier!


"Honor. Discipline. Integrity. These are three key elements to the Army JROTC program at Thomas Jefferson High School. In our program, we live, think, and breathe these elements. Not only do we have this mentality, but we teach generations under us to live by them.

We would like to start off that JROTC is NOT a military recruitment course. Although participants of our program get more military opportunities, that does not mean enlistment is required. There is much to do when joining our program. We teach students the respect they need to become successful later in life. They will learn etiquette, language and much more that forms a disciplined person. Students also learn how to fold, respect and how to raise and lower our flag. This program includes special teams that are not connected to the school directly, meaning that JROTC students have more opportunities. These teams include the Rifle Team, Color Guard, and the HP Team. We also help the community with selfless acts, from picking up trash to help setting up for an event. Every student gets a uniform that is required to be worn every Wednesday, which is provided by the JROTC program. This also teaches discipline and teaches students to respect themselves and stand with honor. Every day, we start with a Cadet Creed. Our Creed consists of our values that teaches our students to have integrity. JROTC also provides access to special events, parties and gear. By joining JROTC, you have secured the first step in a successful life."

As always, more photos will be available in the photo gallery on our webpage! Thank you to all the great cadets for their contributions to this article.



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