Thomas Jefferson High School 8th Battalion

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This is color guard, we represent the colors A.K.A the flag of the United States in a formal manner. We present at events such as the Commission Ceremony, Windsor Gardens and much more.

In Drill Team we use Drill Rifles and tossing movements to create a tension filled performance which is used within a number of competitions. We have competed in Texas and have received many trophies throughout the years.

HP is a motivated step team that competes in several competitions across the nation. We have performed in Kentucky, Texas and Florida. We combine stomping, clapping and marching to create a well thought out routine for our competition.

In Rifle Team we shoot precision pellet rifles at targets for sport. We shoot in 3 positions which are Standing, Prone, and Kneeling. Although it looks easy patience and thought are a big key on this team.

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